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Nature | Rhinos | Conservation

I was born and raised in the foothills of Mt Kenya, adjacent to the national park.

I witnessed first hand the human- wildlife conflict. The losses my people would suffer when the elephants raided our farms, going hungry days on end. The absolute hatred my community had towards the wild animals for stealing our food. I wanted and desired to try and bridge the gap through conservation. I started working at the Olpejeta conservatory, becoming a ranger and then onto the caretaking position of the last four Northern White Rhino in the world ( of which 2 are now left) After staring extinction in the eyes, i have found a purpose, to continue inspiring people, to help draw a line between the extinction of a species and why our environment is so important. I have used my knowledge and firsthand experience to give conservation talks to schools in Kenya, i have been a guest speaker invited to different countries around the world at international conservation organisation and also many schools. My desire is to continue inspiring the people of the world to make the planet a better place for humans and animals alike, sharing my insights about nature through photography, ambassadoring and awareness.

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