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Expeditions | Mountaineering | Conservation

I am a veterinary student based in Bristol. When I can, I escape to the Mountains or unexplored places around the world. The reason I decided to start this website up was to share those experiences with other people but also to have a way of giving back to the countries I visited, be it for nature or the people. This had always been a goal of mine, especially in regards to conservation but I never new how to go  about it until a few people enquired about buying prints of my photos. So the basic idea is that when a print is bought here a large percentage of the profits will go towards the community or location where it was taken by donating it to charities that work there (for more details check the store).

This website is soo much than one person, over the years I have received a huge amount of support from different individuals and brands. Some of those individuals will be featured on here and will give their expert opinion on certain topics.

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