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I am a veterinary surgeon from Birmingham, UK, I studied at the University of Bristol graduating in 2017. Working with wildlife and in the conservation field has been a dream and passion of mine since, forever and thankfully I have been able to work at several sanctuaries, shelters and clinics across the globe. I have been lucky to work very closely with elephants in Thailand, with an organisation (the Elephant Nature Park) that rescues captive elephants from riding camps, circuses etc. With ENP I was able to aid in the rescue of one elephant in particular, Da Lah, we became very close and I became her mahout (carer) for a short period of time and to be able to make a difference to her life and try to heal the wounds inflicted on her, both mental and physical, was a very special time and has further fuelled the fire in me to pursue a lifetime in aiding animals like her in whatever capacity I can.

Although elephants will always be firm favourite of mine to work with I hope to work with as many species of wildlife across the globe as possible, I have been fortunate to work with many species already I will continue to explore the world of conservation and wildlife until I am able to make a positive global impact to help preserve and aid the many that need it.

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