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My desire to help people achieve more started as a love of sport- especially rugby.

I played elite level rugby in my teens before completing an Experimental Psychology Degree and assisting postgraduate Nutrition and Behaviour research at the University of Bristol. I then took my expertise and interests and turned them into a career as a personal trainer.


After several years in the industry it became clear to me that the "Fitness" Industry can be very one-dimensional. There is so much focus on getting really strong, OR really fast, OR really bendy, with a complete disregard for all other key components of fitness. This has never seemed like a sustainable or worthwhile approach to me. Why focus on one area when, with intelligent programming and structure, we can have it all? 

This is why I now use my expertise in Fitness, Nutrition, and Psychological Performance to help others achieve more in an all-encompassing sense. A multifaceted approach to fitness allows for enjoyable, varied, engaging, and sustainable training with constant opportunities to progress. 

I love my job and feel very privileged to help others progress in ways they never thought were possible!

Want to know how how I can help you take your training to the next level?

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