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Photographer | Volunteer | Traveller

Being asked to write a bio may be an easy thing for most people, but i have never even had a CV!!

I am not a photographer, i am a traveller, a hippy as most people would say!!

I have spent most of my adult life travelling with a rucksack on my back. When i had my son jamil, he came too.

Islands, mountains, jungles we explored them all. Most of the time not sharing a common language, so interaction through expressions and hand gestures became a way of life. I wanted to capture that, the human emotions that don’t need a language. Expressions and emotions that bring images to life.

Through volunteering with NGO’s such as Hugging Nepal, i have been able to live and work in remote villages for long periods of time, gaining the trust and confidence of the people, sharing in their culture and traditions, to be apart of it but also to be able to blend into the background to capture life going on around me. My son and I would like to give back to these charities and NGO’s, so with every image purchased money will go to them so that they can keep doing their amazing work.

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