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“This website is NOT only about ME. I set out to start up my photography website during the Quarantine for COVID19, at that point it was going to be a place for me to share my photos and some of the motion work I had done. But it quickly evolved into so much more, many of my friends and contacts from within the field came on board like Jemu or Mahesh and yes my Mom, Charlotte and were willing to share their experiences and knowledge on here too. The site rapidly morphed it’s way into what it is now, a platform to share, connect and help people around the world, be it conservation, environmental or humanitarian efforts. 

We will be posting on topics about conservation, getting into veterinary school and conservation when coming from an unorthodox background and using the website as a platform to sell prints of photos that we have been able to take whilst in the field or on an expedition, this is our way of giving back and helping the next generations.” - Jamil Dowling


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